LICO has been operating successfully for almost 20 years in the precision metering field.
Its high-tech feeding systems are applied to many industrial sectors as food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics and rubber.

The main share of its activities regards systems for processing plastics. Thanks to the many feeding plants installed worldwide LICO is renown for its know-how and experience in designing feeding plants for extrusion.

New plant in
Arcisate (VA)

Our strenght points
These plants range from compound to masterbatch, film to sheet production, cables to pipes, profiles to monofilaments.
The ever increasing needs from manufacturing companies to work with precise and constant feeding has led to the development of a sophisticated integral metering system.

From "microdosing" to "dosing large quantities", LICO is committed to ensuring the highest system precision and reliability. LICO is present today on the market as a manufacturer of high precision feeders as well as a supplier of complete plants, offering complete engineering and preparing the layout according to the most advanced developments.