When high precision metering of raw materials is a necessity LICO is the ideal partner to turn to.

Consolidated experience

LICO technology has consolidated its position through the sale of several thousands of units all around the world. In almost twenty year of activity, LICO has supplied a large variety of turn-key plants and turned transport of raw materials and accurate feeding and mixing into the core of its technology.
The company provides tailor-made solutions aimed at solving specific processing problems.

Engineering background

LICO takes care of the whole engineering to ensure an optimal conveyance of raw materials from the storage to the feeding of processing equipment - extruders, mixers, reactors. The expertise gained on the field has brought to the development of innovative systems as:
  • dust-proof pneumatic transports
  • transport under inert environment (N2 pressurization)
  • vacuum treatment
  • transport of dangerous and aggressive products
  • safety measures for personnel and working environment
  • flexible systems for upgradeable applications
The support of sophisticated computer aided systems for both planning and production make LICO engineering fast, reliable, innovative and customer-oriented.

Highest metering accuracy of the loss-in-weight analogic control

LICO core technology is the gravimetric loss-in-weight feeding through analogic control, which has proven its precision and reliability in extreme applications such as the precise "dosing" of 50 gr/h of the ingredient at process. Unlike any digital system introducing dead times or inactivities both in weight recording and in throughput regulation, by means of an integral analogic function LICO system guarantees a continuous and constant metering control.
The system's response speed compensates for variations in product characteristics and makes sure that optimum conditions are rapidly achieved, both on start-up and when a change occurs in the required feed rate, regardless of bulk density, particle size and flow variations.

System's flexibility

Each component is directly fed into the feed intake of the extruder. In-line mixes are composed uniformly. Flexibility is assured by the possibility to change in-line the formulation percentages. The total delivery is varied, leaving the formulation constant.

Reliability of control electronics

Our analog circuit needs no signal conversions while monitoring the feeders and its electronics is not affected neither by dust or humidity nor by any disturbance in the electric network as interferences due to power shifts often occurring in industrial environments.
Control electronics is made of the best components presently available on the market. All circuits are mounted on functional and interchangeable electronic cards.
Control panels are extremely simple for an easy plant monitoring: a synoptic panel displays the general functions and an alarm device rapidly picks up possible troubles. All necessary process interlocks are provided in order to guarantee safety and to avoid wrong operations.
Furthermore, LICO systems enable to interface any general supervision system.

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